Must have technologies for a smarter warehouse

Must have technologies for a smarter warehouse

The need of technology in the warehouse sector is booming and developing rapidly as a matter of fact. This has statistical indications with year wise rise in warehouse technology being adopted by many business owners to promote business and efficiency in it. It is almost undeniable that the need of technology has been rapidly increasing and it has become an integral part of the warehouse operation business. At some instance it is also recorded tat some of the technologies have become integral part of this business which cannot be replaced by traditional means at the current time anymore.

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Article by Edwin Lopez talks about the technology being the cornerstone of the new supply chain.

Warehouse technology, cornerstone of the new supply chain:

In 2017, 197 million square feet of warehouse space opened up for supply chain managers to improve their speed to market. The logistics boom reflects a market to direct-to-consumer sales, with retailers and manufacturers alike placing a premium on urban hubs to decrease lead times. Read more here.

This is a safe to say statement considering the booming business in the warehouses with the use of modern technology. From warehouse management systems to tailor made automated units for warehouse, there has been a long list of crucial developments in this regard. The technology has also been transferred to devices as small as a smartphone for better mobility. There are warehouses who have been using the traditional means to run the business and are not ready to accept the change yet. However, it is hard to accept even for them that their efficiency and the accuracy in the work can be easily challenged by its competitors at any point. he following article by Holisol talks about just the same. It explains the must have technology for a warehouse in the current time.

Must have technologies for a smarter warehouse:

With the rise in technology, supply chain operations have developed a lot. As warehousing is an important component of all supply chains, we have noticed changes in the ways of carrying out warehousing operations. There is no doubt that better warehouse technology can be of greater help in the proficient management of warehouses. Read in detail about these technologies here.

The rise in technological advancements in this sector has brought about a lot of changes in the supply chain. A list of must have technologies for any warehouse would easily include, Warehouse management system, automated material handling system, paperless pick and pack system and cloud storage. Apart from all the common technologies used in the business there are a few other tech inputs which are rapidly being accepted by business owners. These tech not only make the work efficient but also help in boosting the overall performance of the warehouse operations each day. However, the article by Veridian talks mostly about the warehouse management technology that is necessary to create the best distribution centre.

WMS for best in class distribution centre:

The days of using a small, standalone warehouse management system (WMS) are ending, and distribution centres must turn to newer, more advanced warehouse management technology to meet rising demand for an Omni channel world. You can read more about it here.

Warehouse technology has been rapidly engaging itself into the commercial market and it is pushing the boundaries with what the typical warehouse operations can do. The new warehouse management technologies can also produce best in class distribution centres. However, some of the warehouses still use the traditional means to conduct business. Which includes integration of freights, visibility, upgrading the warehouse management system from time to time, embracing the era of robotics and automated technologies and setting up a feedback mechanism from the managers or the core staff.

There are few methods of execution along with the latest technologies that can be embraced to make a best in class distribution centre. The need of the warehouse is to be understood by the managers and the business owners in order to provide it with the appropriate solution. Achieving that would give an all-round result to the warehouse operations in terms of both performance and efficiency. With increased efficiency and reliability in the performances, the advantages surely supersede the downsides by a large margin for the consideration.

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