Smart Technologies for a Smart City

Smart Technologies for a Smart City

Expanding population and settlements has inspired technologists to come up with innovative ways to solve the world’s population and resource management problems. Smart cities are connected cities in that information collected is used by one or more departments for effective planning and running of the city. Leveraging on technological advancements, connected cities working with data collated from its immediate environment, seek to find lasting solutions while saving energy and resources to these problems.

A smart city is about building sustainable systems and empowering individuals to be cooperative. This new order requires new players at the helm affairs to make decisions which might seem unpleasant at first but will long term be beneficial to the larger society. Growing cities and expanding urban areas have generated problems government has not yet been able to solve and all hands have to be on deck to overcome this imminent challenges.

Why We Started


Our global team of experts are committed to remaining at the forefront of common authentication, encryption, reduced sign-on, and secure single sign-on technology.

The Kerberos protocol is included in Microsoft Windows & Active Directory, and used to authenticate users. Our TrustBroker family of Kerberos based security products deliver a comprehensive and flexible range of security solutions. Each solution is complemented by an after sales support service that customers can really rely on for fast resolution when using TrustBroker products to secure their critical business applications.

Our company background and technology experience

We were the first company to offer a commercial Kerberos-based security product in 1991, and the first to provide critical security interoperability between Microsoft Windows 2000 and non-Microsoft operating systems and applications. This experience and expertise in commercially supported Kerberos-based authentication and security is unsurpassed.


  • The company Centrax Corporation (formerly Open Computing Security Group) was founded, and headquartered in Issaquah, Washington State, United States.
  • The first product was released, and named Challenger. This product was based on an open source implementation of Kerberos from MIT, but the code quality was improved and turned into a commercially supported product. Challenger was sold to customers who had requirements for strong authentication and better security for their applications.


  • Centrax re-wrote the Challenger product, creating a new product known as TrustBroker, which incorporated an implementation of Kerberos, not based on open source code.
  • TrustBroker was sold to many companies, both in United States and internationally.


  • Centrax Limited in United Kingdom was formed, as the international office of Centrax Corporation.