What to take note when learning coding

What to take note when learning coding

We live in a world of apps today, and our daily lives are run by it. With whatever needs we have, there is always an app for it on the online store – be it a kitchen recipe manual, how to do a diet workout, or how to track your expenses, there are many apps with many functions available for whatever need you have.

As attending to one’s needs becomes simpler and simpler, it is tempting to look for an app for whatever need we have, and not understand how the workings of it are done. For several reasons, we would advise that one should learn how an app works, and how it is run. Even better would be going a step further and creating or customizing an app for one’s own use. The most ideal outcome would be you coding your own app. Why is this important?

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The Guardian writes: “Coding is easier to learn than ever, so there are no excuses. As demand for digitally literate graduates is bound to increase, it’s time to get with the program. I’m currently doing a free 14-week introduction to Java programming on Udacity. Apps like Lrn and Hakitzu are alternatives for mobiles or tablets. ” Read more here!

The first step for many to overcome is thinking that coding is a difficult task to do, when the basics are actually quite simple. It is like learning the basic words of a country’s language when you visit it for the first time. Surely that cannot be difficult if you had to depend on your life on it. In addition, coding is in English so it makes matters easier.

Once you have taken off on coding, it might be frustrating at times especially if you have not coded before. Here, you need to be able to recover from mistakes as even senior programmers have to diagnose what is wrong with their code on a daily basis.

Code Mentor writes: “Even if you never finish the little website or app you are attempting to build, you will learn more by trial and, yes, error, than by robotically following the course project demo to a tee and having all the answers at your fingertips.” Read more here!

Hence, you should expect to make many mistakes and it is all part of the learning process. Do note that coding is not something you can learn fresh out of a textbook, it needs to be applied, optimized, evaluated, and re-applied in a cycle. It is similar to painting where you cannot simply learn how to paint without trying it out for yourself. Some coding languages might be more difficult than others, some apps might be harder than other to create, but the bottom line is you should persevere.

Lastly and most importantly, coding is an activity where you improve best when you have someone to look through your work and guide you if possible. Avi Flombaum writes: A diversity of perspectives is invaluable to programmers, both in a job and while you’re learning. A common misconception is that programming is rigid and mathematical. In reality, it’s a creative craft—there are limitless ways to solve the same programming problem, which invites your own creative approaches.” Read more here!


Coding, like painting, works best when you have other painters present to bounce off ideas off you as well. There are multiple ways to present a same idea, narrative, or story on paint, and likewise there are many routes or ways to program an app. However, one should blur creativity with bad coding. While it is good to be creative, do make sure you follow the basics and structures that good coding follows. Once you get to the ‘how-to’ part, this is where you are free to choose your own path and preferences to code the app.

In conclusion, coding is not the simplest activity to excel in, but the rewards are great if you are able to rise to be a proficient coder. Remember to persevere, start young, and work with other great fellow coders. With all these factors yet, coding will become an enjoyable activity when you do it with friends to achieve a spectacular result.

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