Mobile Apps Have Amazing Opportunities

Mobile Apps Have Amazing Opportunities

Mobile apps have amazing opportunities for small businesses even though their growth has been on a constant decline. There are many small businesses that have pulled themselves from under the tough situations by using a mobile app which have helped them in boosting customer loyalty along with the brand image and employee efficiency.


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Read this article below by Riley Panko to find out if you should invest in a mobile app.


Should You Invest in a Mobile App?

In order for a mobile app to flourish, a small business must truly understand the app’s goals, its target audience, and the resources needed to build and maintain the app. We surveyed 351 small business owners and managers to discover the state of small business apps, including why small businesses are building apps and which mobile features are most valuable to small businesses. Read more here

There is a process you can follow for examining if your small business actually needs an app. First you must reflect on your customer relations and identify things that can or should be changed. Secondly you must set some goals for yourself to determine the level of success. These goals can be very simple such as increasing sales or building client loyalty. Then after you have decided to go for an app, make sure you don’t invest too heavily in it or incase it doesn’t work, you’ll be facing a huge loss.  If it continues smooth, you can continue investing into it. By this subsequent process, you can prevent spending too much on a futile mobile app that will not reap you actual benefits.  Moreover, having a mobile app does not guarantee new customers. Read this article below by Jackie Dove to find out more ways a mobile app can enhance your businesses success.


Enhancing your businesses success in a few steps

Most businesses seek broad customer appeal, ranging in age from 18 to older than 65. Of those, the four youngest age groups prefer mobile apps to websites, according to comScore, which found that the best way to acquaint the 18- to 35-year-old crowd with your business is via an app. Read more here

If your customers are mobile oriented, you should have no problem at all! These days even the old age groups are using smart phones more and more frequently. When customers do online shopping, they are expecting the app to offer “high-tech, tailored experiences” with awarding features like discounts on products and loyalty rewards along with product recommendations. Apps have the ability to focus on an immediate, customer-centric platform. So once you decide that you are designing an app, you need to strategize the next step. You can either use an off-the-shelf app builder, or hire a professional developer to create one for you. App builders like AppMachine and GoodBarber are one of the best.


Building a dedicated smart phone app is absolutely advantageous to your small business and its easier to use than a website because of the precision of its features.  Keep reading below to enlighten yourself about some benefits of using mobile app for customers and business alike by Christian Stafford.


What competitive edge does a mobile app have?

With more and more people — both corporate employees and the customers those corporations do business with — turning to their smart phones or tablets as their primary device of choice, it is imperative for CIOs to set a mobile strategy for their companies. That mobile strategy should tap mobile cloud: back-end, cloud-based features that extend mobile devices’ storage capacities. Read more here

When we are considering mobile cloud, we have to understand why mobile is in the center of attention in the market these days. So when it comes to smart phones, many businesses tend to provide services which are accessible through these smart phones. These are the preferred devices like tablets. Websites don’t get you far in promotion because people don’t open push notifications often in their laptops as they do in their phones. With customers adding integration with various social networking platforms like Facebook, can increase the competitive advantage. The common examples being mobile or wandering workers or field workers like salesman or service profession, but even for your regular office worker who is “day extending” by managing email or going through the to do list. Having a mobile teamwork capability or a workflow system can make the friction between the work-and-home-life manageable and allow for a more varied set of activities throughout the day.

To conclude, normally for all the user groups, mobile offers a competitive advantage, regardless of who the target is. So the usage and the availability are secondary factors which help the developers get useful information for their design so the users can experience it in a tailored manner according to their exact preferences.

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