Automated Warehouses the New Efficiency

Automated Warehouses the New Efficiency


The timeline in the growth of warehouse business has been significant if we look at the numbers. The beginning of the use of technology in the warehouses has been particular after the 90s and has been growing ever since. Currently there are more than half warehouses which are being operated in a completely automated manner. This can be even more simplified to efficiency and labour in the upcoming years. At the current time, the existing warehouse businesses are adapting to the newest technologies and trying to make the most of it. There are a lot of potential changes in the technology that is being currently used in short intervals of change.


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The following article by Select Hub puts forward newer terms in the business.


What is Smart Warehouse System?


The future is now. That’s certainly what it’s starting to feel like, anyway. While we may not have the flying cars from The Jetsons, and Jaws 19 from Back to the Future Part II has yet to hit theatres, our technology is advancing rapidly. Automation is more prevalent than ever, making many of our jobs exponentially easier. Read more here.


There has been a word about smart warehouses which are nothing but an accumulation of automated systems integrated into a typical warehouse. The system of interconnection of these automated technologies is the smart warehouse system. Most commonly comprises of RF identification, robotics, and AI, internet and warehouse management system. A few warehouses have already gone completely in auto pilot with the least interference of physical input. Though, it would be called complete when the same is taken over with better uniformity by most of the warehouses that are being operated. The following article by Mike Futch talks about the beginning of the automated warehouses in the present time.


The Dawn of Automated Warehouse:


Longer on boarding and training, rising benefit and compensation rates, and shortages in labour are driving more and more warehousing, distribution and fulfilment facilities to invest in automated solutions for operations. As the technologies improve and the applications become wider and more flexible. Learn more about it here.


The warehouse business might just be at its peak at this moment but a lot has not yet been implemented properly into it. The breakthrough in this sector has been made prominently with artificial intelligence and robotics which have been benefiting this line of work. Robotics and artificial intelligence which sound almost like something out from a sci-fi movie are being witnessed by the masses at the current time. Though. These technologies might not be that popular among all the warehouses but are doing an excellent job at maximizing the performance by manifolds. The following article from Tim Payne gently talks about what the future might hold for the warehouse business.


The evolving warehouse and Future Trends:


To date, a large proportion of warehousing activities and processes are still being performed manually, resulting in shipping delays, wrong products being picked and additional costs that are eating about at company bottom lines. Read more about it here.


The latest technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud storage has already started taking over the warehouses. Most of the existing warehouses are not inclined towards the use of these technologies which is an obvious case. However, the industry has a long way to go with the development in the current resources and introduction of newer ones. The work of drones can be one of the things of future.


There are better cloud services, apps with mobility and big data which are potentially the next big things. Some of the most popular technologies are already being applied in the operations but some are yet to be accepted by the business owners. There are still some old warehouses which operate by means of traditional methods. The first step should include taking these warehouses in the shelter and help improve them to make it a complete environment and then move on to newer technologies. It is for a fact that the resources that are available currently are more than anything that we had in all time. So, using the same to maximise its input is the next step to take the advancements to a higher level.

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